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Why our Avocado Shampoo Bars are a must have!!

Avocados are a MUST HAVE in this house hold. Who doesn’t love avocados? We just cut them open and eat straight out of the avocado skin…Mabel likes it best this way, so do I. I was planning on making shampoo bars and came across so many articles about avocado hair mask and how avocados benefits our scalps and strengthen our hair. With all this information I HAD to make an avocado shampoo bar! Everyone in my family uses the avocado shampoo bar. Yes, I wash Mabel’s hair using it too. This shampoo bar is made with all natural, palm free, vegan ingredients. Avocados help rejuvenate and moisturize the scalp. This rich source of protein, amino acids and vitamins, helps soothe the scalp...

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Our Infamous Bloody Mary Bars

When I started the vegetable soap line I knew exactly what vegetables and fruits I wanted to use. When I mentioned to a friend that I wanted to use celery and tomato juice in a new batch of soap she suggested (for obvious reasons) The infamous Bloody Mary! I have to start by saying, I am not much of an alcohol drinker. I was never really into it. I barely know what a Bloody Mary is or how to make one. With the help of a friend, this soap is by far one of the best from my entire vegetable line. The scent is pretty spot on and its beautiful too! We already know Mabel is obsessed with celery…seriously, I...

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It's all about the BEET

Mabel is a beet lover. I like to call her my “Beet Baby”. She mostly eats beets raw, I have to slice it thin so it looks like chips. She will eat beets while I am preparing it for juice or salads. Mabel drinks beet juice straight or mixed with fruit. Pineapple beet juice taste the best. I like to make them into ice pops in the summer. Beets can stain clothes but it’s worth it 100%…the benefits  definitely out weigh the stains on her tee shirts.  I can not describe how much I truly treasure beets. I love the color, smell, taste and most of all…the benefits. I incorporated beets into my daily meals this entire week. I made...

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The perfect face bar

Mabel had a long birthday filled weekend with no vegetables in mind. My daughter is officially three…and full of cake. She had a big birthday bash and now its time to add those vitamins! It is very easy for me to get her back on track and eating right. I just have to be home all day and for some parents… that is not so easy.  I include Mabel in every meal I prep, even down to juicing her drinks or dehydrating her beets. As I clean, peel, and cut vegetables she’s there…picking and eating all along the way.  Today as I was preparing dinner and juicing to make soap, Mabel was drinking most of the prepped cucumbers with no...

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Let's add turmeric

This week was a long week for me. I am a bit overwhelmed with work, but for me, that is a good thing. Owning your own business can be very challenging, but in order to be successful you must stay positive…”as much as possible”, stay calm… “as much as possible”, and most of all…”Don’t get discouraged”. The business is slowly growing and I must keep up with the demand and always staying connected, along with being a mom 100%. I mostly work at night while she is sleeping but through out the day I am thinking about the next soap I am creating. Mabel is very independent, and hands on. She always wants to help me and be apart of...

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