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Hi, I'm Ava. I am a stay at home mom who started her own soap company and since I love vegetables, I incorporate them everywhere I can in my life. From pancakes to ice pops, and even... SOAP! Yes, I said it, SOAP.

 I have always been interested in the added benefits of eating clean and choosing a healthier lifestyle. I am a HUGE ginger root fan. If it has ginger in it in any way, I am sold! When I was pregnant, I would scream at the fact that I could only have a certain amount of ginger and garlic everyday. I am not perfect, believe me, I too love my rainbow cookies. I’d like to call myself “the half healthy mom” but like all of us I’m just trying my best.

I am really lucky with my daughter Mabel,  she actually eats her vegetables...more than I do. My little Mabel eats raw vegetables like "no one business".  I did not teach her this, she just enjoys it better that way...less cooking for me, right? Mom's always ask me, "how did you do that?" The only thing, I can believed helped to clear the path to her veggie lifestyle are the following four things:
• during my pregnancy,  I did the best I could to maintained a healthy lifestyle... Ginger and garlic were my two best friends.

• I believe mabel developed a taste for the healthy things I ate during the 15 months I breastfed.

• basically, Mabel started baby-led weaning on her own at 10 months. I was giving her all her fruits and vegetables whole, her teether's where pineapple cores and celery...Mabel loves celery, If I cut anything all hell would break loose, SHE taught ME what she liked, I never forced her to eat this way.

• ice pops these things saved my life and are so easy to make. we started ice pops when she was teething. At first I kept it very simple, but I always added a slice of ginger.

I am in the process of starting an entire soap line made with vegetables. The skin is the largest organ on our bodies and there’s many benefits you can receive with handmade soaps, so why not add vegetables? The vegetables in the soap will add extra vitamins, antioxidants, and more lather to your bar. I am very excited to announce this line come February/March 2018.

So, I’m here to create a blog about mom's who are trying their best. I am a mom who just wants what’s best for my child, like we all do. Mabel is a very healthy, creative, and loving child. I am so happy to be her mom.

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  • Agnes

    Ava, I’m very interested in your soaps. I wanted to know if you have a store here in Staten Island. If you do can you let me know. I would love to see all your products. On your web page all the soaps are interesting. Do the soaps leave an after smell on your body? Are there any for rosacea? Thank you

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