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Skin Care

Our skin care collection was created for the purpose of improving health, beauty, and relaxation through personal care. The whole line is all natural, toxin free and only made with the highest quality ingredients. One of the best parts about the spa is the stress relieving mood. Don’t just think of it as a nice bonus. Taking some time to reduce the noises around us, dimming the lights and taking some deep breathes can be super beneficial for our health. A few things you can do at home to using our home spa products even more wonderful ...
  • Get yourself a cold glass of refreshing water infused with lemon: Many spa treatments focus on gentle detox practices. Starting your experience with some lemon water is a simple way to give your body a little boost. Plus, it’s always wise to stay hydrated.
  • Setup a diffuser with your favorite essential oils: Not only can different smells change moods, there's also a lot of benefits to aromatherapy with the proper oils. Be sure not to try and replicate aromatherapy treatments by using toxin filled candles that contains paraffin and other harmful chemicals.
  • Put some relaxing music on to set the mood: Try and choose something that will calm your senses and set the right mood.
  • Take a few deep cleansing breaths: Take one deep breath in, and allow your abdominal to expand slowly. Hold it for a moment or two before you exhale. Repeat 5-7 times. This'll lower your blood pressure, relax your body, bring your mind inward, and prepare you for the greatness about to come.
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