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charcoal in soap is this bar exactly, it weighs 5-6 ounces and contains real activated charcoal
soap charcoal is the base of this handmade bar, it color is black and is 3 by 3 inches
activated charcoal face soap, handmade soap bars that weigh about 6 ounces
Activated Charcoal

Ava Quinn's

Activated Charcoal

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Our activated charcoal soap can give your skin visually remarkable improvements, because activated charcoal uses are vast, the benefits can be tremendous if you use it properly. It has an amazing ability to absorb and draw out oil and dirt from your skin, making it an obvious choice for us to create this bar of soap.

The activated charcoal soap that we've created is fantastic for oily skin, especially on your face, many of our customers use it as a daily facial cleanser. If you use it daily it will absorb the oily dirt your skin picks up during the day and results in your pores feeling incredibly clean and refreshed. We also add a hint of pure tumeric and tea tree essential oils as an extra touch.

Scent: Natural, refreshing + rich

If you want to learn more about activated charcoal health benefits that our charcoal soap bar has, the ingredients + ALL the benefits of charcoal in our handmade soaps you can read further about it on our blog posts, we go into detail about natural skincare, the health benefits that come along with using our handmade soap bars daily, more info about why we chose to feature this bar of charcoal soap along with all of our other soaps, shampoo bars and lotions. Along additional info about the founder of Ava Quinn's and our companies history.

One of our specialties is hand crafting custom partying gifts as favor orders for your baby showers, bridal showers, an engagement party, birthday party, wedding favors, that you may need bulk soap for, always at discounted, wholesale pricing. We label and wrap each soap or shampoo individually, the result is a memorable, gorgeous little gift that your party go-ers will never forget. The labels can be totally customized with your wording.

We don't create anything we wouldn't let our own children use. All creations exceed our rigorous standards before it ships to you.

All of our soap, shampoo and skin-care products are cruelty free + always hand-crafted in small batches. Based in NY, we source local ingredients as much as possible from local gardeners and community gardens alike, all of our products are completely vegetable-based with no animal fats added.

Extend the life of your soap by keeping it dry in between uses and make sure it's in a well drained, dry soap dish. Please keep in mind since each bar is handmade and hand cut, the size and appearance may slightly vary.

We never use soy, artificial dyes, artificial ingredients or chemicals.

Our promise to you: we will always use the highest quality ingredients and will source local products within our region as much as possible.

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