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handmade soap made with moon water to purify your skin
Perfectly Imperfect Mystical Moon light

Ava Quinn's

Perfectly Imperfect Mystical Moon light

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The Perfectly Imperfect Mystical Moonlight. The same moon light bar you love but we had a bit of a...oops happen. We made too much of the charcoal side of it and had to pour into different molds. I actually truly love these bars and I hope you all enjoy them the way we do. The sage over powers all the other essential oils and I lOVE IT! we also topped them off with...BEETS. 

We strive to be perfect when making each batch of soap, shampoo and each skincare product, but once in a while, a tiny spill or splatter can cause almost an entire batch (up to 220 bars of soap) to be thrown off, the recipe is always consistent with the same high quality ingredients we use. You can consider this our clearance section, from now on all of the soap that has a "not so perfect" look or a "not so perfect cut", will be listed in this collection. You can expect some amazing deals, the inventory will be forever changing, so if your looking for a certain kind of soap or a certain shampoo, check back frequently because we make soap daily and accidents happen.

Although we can't guarantee that what your looking for will ever be in this collection, you can submit a request to be notified if it does, just submit a request by email and if the product happens to become available, you will be notified right away.

Ava Quinn's soaps are completely vegetable-based with no animal fats added. All of our soap is hand made and hand cut and made locally in New York City.

You can extend the life of your soap by making sure it stays dry in between uses and keeping it in a well soap dish that doesn't puddle water.